Last Updated: October 8, 2005
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We've been overwhelmed with new stories to add to the site. It's wonderful to see there's new fiction to add. Some of the pages have been updated, and we're working on getting the others updated. A list of what genres have been updated and what stories have been added can be found here. We've also added some more sites to the hosting page, and a whole pile of great sites to our Affiliates.


Introducing Bauhaus Classics, in association with Backstreet Bauhaus and Shining Stars. The Classics archive finds and preserves Backstreet Boys fanfiction that would otherwise be lost. Bauhaus Classics currently has archived stories such as Where Can We Go From here and Nowhere to Run (Whitney), A Christmas Story (Diane), Lucidity and Stupefied (Stacy) and Holiday (Cecilia) among others.

Please visit Bauhaus Classics to see everything the site encompasses. Classics has an ask & share section for those looking for lost stories, as well as mirroring of current stories, to prevent their disappearance in the future.


We're always looking for affiliates. If you'd like to affiliate your site with the Bauhaus, send us an e-mail and let us know. Buttons for linking to us can be found on the Site page.