October 8, 2005

Lyrical - 4
The Dance
Please Remember Me
Tears in Heaven
You're Gone

Non-English - 2
In the Shadows

Short Stories - 1
Till the Fans Said So

Slash - 7
Flight of the Phoenix
For Better or For Worse
Our Wicked Ways
Out of the Ashes
Sacrifice the Sun
The Seventh Sin
What We Are

Suspense - 6
The Games We Play
I Need You
The Lion's Den
It Stays With You

August 22, 2005

Drama - 11
Because of You - The Best Friend
Because of You
The Apartment
All I Wanted was some Cough Medicine
Living at the Top
The Importance of Fly Fishing
Swollen Issues
Swollen Issues III
By My Side

August 4, 2005

Alternate Universe - 2
Gone Country
Protect and Serve

Comedy - 3
Are You There, God? Itis Me, Brian
Four Santas too Many
Not Another Teenybopper Fanfic

Short Stories - 3
Little Velvet Box, The
Stymied - short
Those Eyes - short

August 2, 2005

Lyrical - 3
As We Lay
Only the Lonely